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drugs. we've been looking at the filings this morning. the government basically saying that bonds quote obstructed justice when he sought again and again to avoid answering questions about injections about these topics. now bonds' attorney however say this is all about what they call statement c. a portion of testimony given by bonds in which he was asked about his childhood friendnderson -- childhood friend anderson. they write in filings rambling about being a celebrity child was not a crime. it was not factually false. it was not a refusal to answer a question. it did nothing to aped the function of the grand jury. now a three-judge panel will be inside listening to the arguments today. arguments will last about 30 minutes. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> our time is 6:08. sal, is back. he will get you moving. how are we looking? >> we are looking better than we were. last hour we had all those problems. it's settling down a little bit. we still have issues. let's take a look at east shore freeway. traffic is moving along relatively well. metering lights
. the north korean government will continue with specified greater intensity with second and third measures. we will have a response to north korea's actions. >>> the senate armed services committee is holding hearings to possible cuts and spending. we are taking you there live to look at this meeting which is being held in washington d.c. and the committee is discussing the impacts they would have on the defense department. $85billion in spending cuts are said to take place on march 1st. we are listening to this and we will bring you updates from this hearing as soon as we get that available to us. >>> gun restrictions will be discussed at a senate judiciary subcommittee today. they are taking opposing sides on the issue of gun control. this is the second meeting since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. >>> and here in los gatos, they drew a huge crowd and tara moriarty is here to talk about why -- janine de la vega is here to talk about why the course is not over -- controversy is not over yet. >> reporter: they say they are pleased with the way thi
problems with financial management, student outcomes, and government. >>> disney on ice offering free tickets to hairdo donors. they are get free tickets to the dare to dream ice show which features rapunzel and the hair will be used for wigs for kids. >>> san francisco messy tradition kept the cleaning crews busy throughout the night. i saw them out there with the pillows. the feathers were flying at the annual valentines day pillow flight. hundreds of people all ages showed upswinging those pillows. the department of public works spent hours cleaning up the feathers and foam after it was over. the price tag about $5,000. >>> getting closer to 7:00. let's check in with
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3